Mladin Opens Up about Racing - Mat Style -
in New Videos from Yoshimura


Chino, California - June 16, 2009 - Yoshimura has posted an introspective interview series with Mat Mladin on their website. In this exclusive three part series, Mat reflects on a number of topics close to him.

The first segment "Mental Toughness" focuses on Mladin reflecting on his early motocross days, has some advice for parents and let's us in on his basic philosophy. "Talent only takes you a certain distance as a professional," Mladin professes. "From there it becomes just hard work."

In the second part "Finding 1/10ths" Mladin talks about what it takes to go fast on a motorcycle, and how his style differs from the traditional model. "Things I learned in my motocross days have directly come across to road racing and work better than traditional road racing ways... way better," Mladin explains. "Its just not that complicated."

The third installment "Race Day Perceptions" gives an insight as to what Mladin is thinking before the race, on the grid and while he is racing. He opens up and explains his outlook on racing these days: "Just to push as hard as I possibly can... all the way to the end."

To see these videos (plus a bunch more) visit Yoshimura's website and go to the video tab - www.yoshimura-rd.com or Click Here

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