Inauguration of New Yoshimura YRS Line of Products and Services a Big Hit!

Chino, Calif. - July 22, 2009 - Yoshimura revealed the details and philosophy of its new division - Yoshimura Race Shop (YRS) -at a well-attended press conference on Tuesday evening.

Brant Russell, Vice President of Marketing for Yoshimura R&D of America Inc., explained how Yoshimura has been developing specialized performance race parts for over 55 years and this rich history is now being offered to the general public. "The super secret days of racing are over," Russell explained. "The fact that we are now racing production based Superbikes makes it a good time to open our doors and offer parts and services to the general public. Yoshimura is the undisputed 'Leader in Performance' with the highest number of wins, poles and pages in record books. It's time to share our success and lineage with our customers. That is why YRS was created."

YRS is divided into four categories: Hard Parts, Engine Parts, Suspension Parts and Engine Services. Currently the initial thrust will be in the GSX-R line of Suzuki Motorcycles, especially the GSX-R1000. However, YRS will also offer a pretty large line of products for popular sportbikes like the CBR-1000 and the Yamaha R-1. In addition, there are many products available for the DR-Z400SM based on Yoshimura’s Super Motard racing efforts with Kevin Schwantz and others. The line is anticipated to expand quite a bit over the next few years.

The new hard parts have an overall “Yoshimura look” with the venerable logo on all of the parts and a new copper colored "Magnasonian" finish. "Branding is important to Yoshimura," Russell told the media. "We chose a color that would stand out and be unmistakably "Yoshimura" but also complement any sport bike color combination out there."

The parts were designed this year to run on Mat Mladin’s, Blake Young's and Tommy Hayden's GSX-R1000 race bikes and they have proven to be very effective. Included in this category are Case Savers, Extended Fork Tube Caps, Swing Arm Pivot Kit, Rear Linkage Kit, Chassis Protectors, Axel Adjuster Blocks, Steering Stem Nut and the Rear Fender Eliminator Kit.

YRS Engine Kit Parts are highly specialized items designed for racing. Each provides performance and strength over the standard OEM design. These include Camshafts and Sprockets, Valve Cotter Sets, Valve Retainer Sets, High Comp Pistons, Cylinder Head Gaskets, Heavy Duty Clutch Drive & Driven Plate Sets, Spring Sets, Race Harnesses, Transmissions, Inner Rotor and Magneto Cover, and the EM Pro Engine Management System.

Engine Services include the Yoshimura ISF Process for transmissions. This process reduces friction allowing internal reciprocating parts to run freer and cooler; reducing operating costs and DNFs. Other engine services include blueprinting, cylinder head service (three levels), machine gasket service and a complete race spec engine service.

"Although these new YRS parts are designed by the Yoshimura Racing Division and have race proven pedigrees, they are mostly moderate in price, and very accessible, Anyone can now have a smattering of parts, or all the way to virtually the same bike that Team Rockstar/Makita/Yoshimura/Suzuki is racing on," Russell said, He then added: "All of these parts are manufactured in either the United States or at Yoshimura Japan out of the highest quality materials available."

Most parts are available now at your local dealer or directly from Yoshimura. Please contact YRS directly regarding services.

YRS also introduced a new product line of YRS Race Suits. These one and two-piece suits are manufactured by Pilot, Inc. and sport Yoshimura branding. YRS Race suits are available from Yoshimura directly or through Pilot,Inc.

Lastly, YRS is in the process of designing a dedicated website for the YRS line, however many products can be accessed by going to and clicking on the YRS logo on the bottom of the homepage.

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Yoshimura's Brant Russell and David Tsai


Case Savers

EM Pro

Fender Eliminator Kit

Rear Linkage

Swing Arm Pivot


Yoshimura Race Suit

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