“Staff…? We don’t need no stinkin’ staff!”

In tight times, (right now), many companies have suffered serious staff reductions. In many such instances the marketing department is often cleaned out., or at least seriously diminished.  We have called on many companies recently where there is a V.P. of Marketing at the head of a big office full of empty chairs.

Without the distraction of those pesky employees, this V.P. has plenty of time to think about all the new demands for increased performance his or her CEO is insisting on in a down economy… without any staff. Huh?

It is an exciting and challenging dynamic but we at Acorn Woods Communications can help. You see, we are a lot more than just a social media company – and a lot more than just a PR firm. We also have a lot of marketing experience and we speak, walk, and talk marketing very well. Perhaps more importantly, we have a staff of experts to fill your empty seats.

And (it gets better) there are no Workman’s Comp hassles, training expenses, health insurance costs, HR issues, or any of that. Instead, you simply call a meeting and AWC shows up with experts in every area of concern and react to your needs. How cool is that?

It still gets even better!

For all of this service and expertise, you have one low monthly cost that not only covers the extra manpower you are so desperately in need of, but also automatically perform all of the basic marketing functions of communications. So, not only are you getting killer social media from strategy development through daily management and content creation, a PR group that is second to none, blog creation and development, website creation and management, and all advertising needs imaginable, you are also getting a marketing staff for research, planning, campaign development, etc.

So, when you find yourself short-staffed, spend about the same as a ½ page ad in a national magazine each month and give us a try. It’s easy! There are no contracts. Just call us and we are on the job as soon as you say HELP!