When Analog and Digital Worlds Collide

When it comes to communications, there are three types of shops: digital, analog, and combination shops.

Acorn Woods Communications is a combination shop.

Digital shops are usually made up of mostly young people. These same people are typically very creative and very bright.  They were weaned on the “mother’s milk” of computing, smart phones, social media, and consequently have a ton of expertise in these areas.

Analog shops are usually filled with an older crowd that makes up for their lack of digital knowledge with an overall understanding of how products are brought to market, how business works, and how things “happen”.

Often times in communications, many agencies are strong in only one of these areas and hence are weak overall. Funny in a business called communications, the two groups (analog and digital) do not communicate very well together. We have some interesting meetings over here that are illustrative of this reality. Here is an example of a typical client review meeting at AWC:

AWC Analog Luddite: “Did the Facebook contest drive perceptions accurately in the segment our SWOT analysis identified as viable?”

AWC Digital Kid: “Dude, like… errr… The contest was sick.”

AWC Analog Luddite: “Oh, no! What happened?”

AWC Digital Kid: “Seriously…whatever… like, you’re sooooooo Old School!”

AWC Analog Luddite: I have no idea what you are trying to say, are you speaking English? Did the client like the Facebook contest turnout or not?”

AWC Digital Kid: “Yeah Dude… It’s Bangin’!”

By utilizing young, bright, digitally oriented people, we keep on the leading edge of the technological aspect of things. The socio-cultural ramifications of applied technology, and its impact on business, is quantum. Essentially, the marketing toolbox that we now use grows larger and more complex almost monthly.  If you do not have a brilliant core of digitally oriented people on top of this, you are yesterday’s news. Your products, services, and branding ability will be moot.

But on the other side of things – fundamental knowledge of basic business skill sets has never been more critical.  Without the analog knowledge, it is virtually impossible to apply cutting edge technology to business. How does one justify expense? Quantify and qualify? Project ROIs? Our analog group has a whole lot of history in real world sales and marketing.

One of our analog Luddites perhaps said it best when he explained: “The kids know how to drill down and get the answers to anything. They just don’t know what questions to ask?”

One thing for sure, with the economy what is today, every element of communications has to be hitting the mark. As all marketing tools have to interact in order to activate the client’s message – a combination of all aspects of the dynamic is key.

Plus, it makes for fun meetings.