Why Blog as a Business?

A blog is an extremely important part of a company website for a variety of reasons, including improving search engine optimization (SEO), documenting news and events, and giving you a place to establish the voice of your business. Below we will explore some of the major reasons why a company blog is important, how these factors apply directly to your business, and how you can utilize your blog to benefit your brand.

Importance of a Business Blog

Improve SEO: Regularly updating a blog with keyword-rich text will help boost a website’s search engine rankings by giving the search engines content to index. Each post should be strategically composed and tagged in order to maximize its SEO impact, and increase the likelihood that consumers find your website when searching for non-brand search terms and phrases.

Provide a permanent home for your content: Social media channels are effective at getting messages and content out to the masses, but once the content is posted to these channels it becomes the property of Facebook, Instagram, etc. Posting relevant and important content on your blog provides a permanent home for this material, and you will own this content. Your blog also allows for more text than social media, and the layout can be customized to offer readers better flow and visual appeal.

Opportunity to engage potential customers and build a community: Compelling blog content gives you another avenue to direct consumers to your website, and a reason for those customers to stay. Linking people to static information on your website is not engaging, but sending them to look at fresh content on the blog means more website traffic and more brand engagement. The more people visit the blog, the more will visit the main site to research your products and grow into potential customers. U.S. consumers are accustomed to using blogs as research tools, as the information is less technical and easier to digest.

This is a platform to tell the your story: The role of social media in any marketing strategy should be to inform, educate and entertain, and the blog is essential in this model. While the blog can serve as host to general updates on the company, on products and on events, it can also be home to compelling, original content. This is an opportunity to invite consumers into the family and tell them your story.